In the Company of a Pregnant Woman

In some families pregnant women abound, but not mine.

I saw my niece yesterday, happily reminded of all the excitement and hope reflected in her pregnant form.

She radiates. Sometimes you catch a glimpse of exhaustion. Sometimes a glow. Her smile reminds that her life has changed forever.  I have time now to watch, listen, and let the moments in.

When chaos is stilled it is a joy to soak up the rays of a new life on the horizon.

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photo:  The Pregnant Woman by Tobias Abel

Reform. Rehabilitate. Restore.

Definition of infuse
infused; infusing
transitive verb
a :  to cause to be permeated with something (such as a principle or quality) that alters usually for the better infuse the team with confidence

No matter one’s political lean, Bernie Sanders infused a large percentage of US voters. I was (and still am) drawn to the sheer sensibility of it all.  Sure, some say he’s “out there with the numbers” and yet who do I turn to in order to verify data? Whose numbers should I believe?

People here in the US are living with an instability in our leadership that is unique in current memory.  I can’t help but daydream now and then about what a Sanders presidency would have looked like. Campaign promises be damned, I have no doubt that he would have legislators scurrying to address domestic reforms.  That would be refreshing.

When Jane and Bernie Sanders look at each other you know there is real admiration. Not perfection – we don’t need perfect leaders. When I see the current First Lady shun her husband’s extended hand, and see her stiffness in his proximity, my stomach flips a little. Sure, people have to fake it sometimes but something very off there.  Very, very off.


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Canopy of Politics

It’s hard to see the forest for the trees,

Amid trunks, needles and leaves.

Does the bird’s eye view give clarity?

To lift us out of this parody?

A deliberate hoax?

No danger but joke?

The canopy sways.

Ill wind it betrays.

To shadow the forest-floor folks.

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Photo by:  Trump by IoSonoUnaFotoCamera

“Abby Normal”

I have a special love for the movie Young Frankenstein. One of my favorite takeaways is the stolen brain Igor recalled as belonging to “Abby Normal”. The comedic callback gives me a brief smile in times of stress.

“Your test results were abnormal. Doctor needs to see you sooner than your next scheduled appointment.”

Oh good. Now I get to stew in my own imagination for the next 6 days.

I didn’t get a “head straight to the ER” call. I wasn’t told to show up at such-and-such a place for more testing. I didn’t get a call from a random surgeon or cancer doctor’s office about a referral.

You can see that I tend to imagine the worst at the drop of a pin.

Yesterday, face-to-face with the doctor and my abnormal test results, she was chipper. “I’m happy to report that we need to reduce several of the meds you are taking.”

That’s it???

I’m stunned. Once again I am reminded how quickly my imagination gets out of hand.

In retrospect, the nurse might have said, “Doctor wants to adjust some of your meds.” Yeah, that would have been nice. But then I don’t know what the protocol is for such things.

Either way, at my age, there are plenty of blood draws and routine doctor’s visits to ensure that I will always have some qualms when I take a call from my doctor’s office.

After all, I think I have the brain of “Abby Normal.”

Photo by Pat David

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Where is thy sting?

Where did I misplace my cynicism? It must be here somewhere!

Snarky comics dangling bitter words. Me, eager to feed.

But wait. What now? Not funny?


What happened to me?

I’d cry depression if I were depressed, but alas, no such thing.

I’m happy.

I never suspected that happy was a bitterness repellent.

Perhaps I’m wrong.

It must be a 24-hour thing.

The old sting will be back tomorrow.

For today I will just try to adjust.


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