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Trans Pride in Seattle – June 2017.  My trans son, Jordan (left), his wife Tara (center), and my daughter Heather (right).  Such beautiful people; such warming smiles.  I am very proud and blessed.  Heather drove over to spend this special time with Jordan and Tara!

The Cutting Edge

I have always liked to make things, but power tool cuts were out of my reach. Until yesterday.

Necessity and opportunity converged and I bought my very first saw! This little thing is sexy!  (Dremel Ultra Max)


I don’t recall ever actually using a saw before, although I’ve held many a board as other’s made cuts.

As always, I cringed when the saw started up.  The shrill whir paired with the toothed blur betrayed potential danger at such speeds.

Like all agents of change, a power saw cannot bring rewards without risks.

My maiden cut was in a bead board panel.  The cut’s not perfect, but it’s mine! My second cut was better and so on.  Thank God for caulking and trim molding which can mask my adequate cuts.

Reblog: My Transgender Son

Transition Update: 2 Months on T


Jordan Pegasus

For the past two months, I have been injecting 25 mg of testosterone subcutaneously every week. The prescription says to do intramuscular injections, but according to my doctor, subcutaneous injections work just as well. I opted to do injections of 25 mg each week, instead of the standard dose of 50 mg every two weeks because I wanted to minimize potential mood swings as the testosterone (“T” for short) cycles out of my system. I’m still taking the standard dose of 200 mg a month, just injecting a smaller amount more frequently. In lieu of driving to the clinic every week for my injections, I learned how to inject myself (through my doctor’s instructions) and was amazed at how quickly I got over my fear of needles.

Here are some of the changes I’ve noticed:

My voice has deepened. I am still speaking in the same general register as I…

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Coke & Peanuts

My sister, Nettie, introduced me to Coke and peanuts. I guess it was a “thing” way back when. With my first ever bottle of Coke laced with peanuts on the bottom, I awoke to the dynamic duo of sweet and salty.  My love affair with the combo ensued.

When I think of Coke, I think of Nettie.  Bet she would have gotten a kick out of these “Coke Bottle Women” by Cranky Messiah.

coke bottle women by cranky messiah

The photographer writes that he shot this from his truck.  He spotted the art on the side of a building in Baltimore, Maryland.


Via daily prompt:  Bottle


Cheers to the Kernel

Today’s Daily Post is blossom.  As much as I’d love to have a floral tale to tell, I’m thinking “popcorn”.

What is popcorn but a blossom?  

That which falls lightly over the rim of your bowl could easily be glued onto a sparse branch of white blossoms and trick the casual glance of a passerby.

Merriam-Webster offers a ‘blossom’ as a “peak period or stage of development”. Surely the once tightly-bound corny bit, coaxed to explosion by steam, can be said to blossom into its peak stage of development.

I must confess, however, it is unlikely that you will find a Pinterest bridal bouquet featuring branches with hot-glued popcorn “blossoms”.

I did find a pin showing a plastic red and white popcorn tub filled with white carnations masquerading as popcorn.  Pretty cute.

Alas, another useless idea on a quiet Friday night.  🙂

Photo by Dr._Kelly:  Salted popcorn