Read the room…

“An intriguing or singular tone, effect, or appeal ,” offers Merriam-Webster.

You enter.  The atmosphere is palpable.

Skin, eyes, ears, and nose calculate and dictate adaptation.

Tiniest of hairs quicken.  Snap decisions are made.

Animal citizens, we swell and shrink in response to atmospheric pressure.

photo:  Seat by Lucas Vartoni

daily prompt:  Atmospheric

Probing questions…

The probe is a delicate dance.  You cannot probe forcefully – it becomes an assault.  To coax  a response that transcends defenses, you must tread carefully.  Gingerly.  Respectfully. Lead  without alarm.

The art of proceeding gingerly is overshadowed by splashier and nosier displays,  temporarily shoving subtlety into the back seat.

A subtle questioning, however, will build a narrative.  The line of breadcrumbs is almost visible.  There is satisfaction in a clever dialogue of questions and answers.  We crave that insight.

We love well-written dialogue on screen and in written word.  The secrets revealed through subtle probing are the payoff.  The gentle dance that underscores the greater commotion is key to pulling the story together.

A fine thread.


via Daily Prompt:  Gingerly

photo “Conversation” by tzejen