Why did I even start a blog?

I last fired up the old blog in June 2018.

December 2018, WordPress auto renewed my account just like I asked them to do.

January 9, 2019 I actually logged into my account and researched refund potential for cancellation.

Today, I changed my mind.  Why?  Who knows.  Largely because I rarely do anything continuously without diverging.  Also, I like choices.  Who doesn’t, right?  I like knowing that I can post if I want to post.

There it is.  The lazy blogger’s philosophy.  Truly a selfish endeavor for the meandering soul.

Happy 2019!


18 thoughts on “Why did I even start a blog?

  1. I think in the beginning it’s new and interesting and a safe place to call your own and you control the game. 🤓 I, for one, love your postings. They are thoughtful and thought provoking. Especially when you challenge me to go deep. The others are fun and often whimsical. 🥰. Keep writing! You are very talented and we are blessed to be able to share what’s going on in that beautiful mind!😅

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  2. Welcome back Ethel! I’m so pleased you’re back with us! Gosh is it really over six months? Gerry and I were just starting out with our new Weekly Prompts venture and we’re still having fun with it.

    I’ve had a hectic few days and have mamaged to fall behind with everything, so now I’m trying hard to catch up with notifications and the Reader. So lovely to see you again. 🙂

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  3. Happy to see you are continuing. I think you have great things to write about. The world needs great writers and you are one of them. I hope you continue. I enjoy reading your posts.


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